Bubbly Crew

She Believed She Could, So She Did

Erin Riley,
Chief Bubblehead

As a young girl, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be and do anything I wanted to do if I just believed in myself and worked hard.

I have had a beautiful journey living throughout the US, traveling internationally and working for incredible companies, but I have always felt there was more.

As my daughter began to contemplate college, I began contemplating, “what’s next?”. Two things kept re-occurring – I love Napa Valley and I love bubbles from around the globe! So, after much discussion and research, I realized I could enjoy both AND share them with others right here in Napa!

As a result, Be Bubbly is now more than just a dream it is a reality and I can’t wait to share it with you!

We are currently “on-line” only but will begin construction on a 1600-sq’ space in Historic Downtown Napa on 2nd Street in 2020.

Please browse our site and you will find fabulous Champagnes & Sparkling Wines, premium logo apparel and gifts as well as delicious bubbly recipes.

And don’t miss out on being a Charter Bubblehead Club Member – limited to the first 150 people to join before we open our doors!

So many reasons to Be Bubbly so sign up today!

Cheers and Keep Believing,

– Erin

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People With Great Passion Make The Impossible Happen

Alison Barstad
Bubbly Curator

Raised in Napa Valley, Alison Barstad is no stranger to the food and beverage industry and has known nothing other than this her whole life. With deep-rooted and long-standing ties to wine, the culinary arts and food service, it’s no wonder that she has honed her cutting-edge style to become an innovator with the field.

With ambitious drive, taking off for college-UCSB, and continuing her career and moving further south, to Newport Beach, CA. A huge goal was to be able to develop talents and accomplish goals as a small fish in a big pond, and not ride off the coattails of a family name and connections. Barstad did just that, finding herself in restaurants with the nuances that reminded her of Napa and beyond-Provenance and Fig & Olive, particularly, while having the flair of Southern California. “I was able to define myself and my talents in this industry without any pressure, I made a name for myself, as well as developing a memorable style”. Being able to gain the experience of opening restaurants and holding titles from Bar Manager to General Manager, as well as continual wine and spirits education, the confidence fell into place to know this industry from start to finish.

“There is a passion that resonates inside me to make and see people happy, and by default ,growing up in Napa, that happiness has a direct relationship with food and wine”. Developing a personal style of luring people in with the constants in the Food and Beverage industry and winning the attention of guests by an eclectic and eccentric style that is found with travels, experience and the never ending passion for the unknown and sharing that with guests. “I want to give an experience that people remember, forever. I’m not afraid to be different, I give my genuine personality and knowledge for guests, all while providing an over the top service that sets the bar for all of their future culinary and beverage experiences”.


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Make It A Great Day!

Sarah DelCampo

It’s about the way the mood in a room changes instantly when you hear the “pop” of a bottle of bubbles. I was raised and educated on both the East Coast and in Napa Valley. I have had the privilege of a career for over 30 years in hospitality, most notably the Napa wine industry. Creating special experiences, programs and events has always been a joy more than a job. During that time I also embarked in a new venture, operating a vineyard management company with my husband, so truly I have worked from the vine to the wine. Now that I have become an empty nester, I am turning the page to a new chapter, mastering the art of changing the mood in a room through the pop of a bottle of bubbles.

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