Faire La Fete Brut Cremant de Limoux


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The Faire la Fête Brut is bright and pleasing. This wine plays nicely on the palate and provides excellent aperitif and first-course imbibing. Pair its lovely aromas and flavors of ripe apples, hints of mineral, and honeydew accents with mild cheeses and country pâtés.

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One of the unsung places to discover top-quality sparkling wines in the value category is France’s Crémant de Limoux.

Faire la Fête is made from select, hand-harvested grapes that are grown by the 6th to 8th generation family farmers who partnered with Alex and Peter. Alex works with the growers to make the Faire la Fête base wine, which then goes through secondary fermentation in the cellars in Limoux for 15 months before it is disgorged, or opened up. This time-consuming process imparts the delicate bubbles, flavors and aromas to Faire la Fête that can only be achieved by this traditional Limoux method. Alex prefers to use very little additional sugar—known in France as dosage—to top off the wine, which results in a champagne that has less than one gram of sugar per glass.

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