Valdo Prosecco Brut DOC


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The vineyards use the traditional training method, known as “Metodo Spalliera”, where the stem can be as long as one meter and tied to a horizontal wire, assuring a high quality final product, and emphasizing the aromatic fruity features. Grapes are handpicked during the last week of September. The grapes are soft pressed and fermentation occurs at 64°F in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. These two significant steps yield a consistent quality wine, while maintaining the typical fruity bouquet with hints of golden delicious apples and white fruits. To obtain small and fine bubbles called “perlage” our expert oenologists make a selection of natural yeasts

100% Glera

In stock (can be backordered)

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Straw yellow color, with a fine perlage, and crisp fruity palate are the distinguishing features of Valdo’s Brut Prosecco DOC. Well-balanced structure, matched with aromatic fruity fragrance make it the perfect pairing with starters and particulary with delicately flavoured dishes such as seafood. Excellent as aperitif due to its distinctive characteristic of being “easy to drink”, best served in a flute glass at a temperature of between 43-46°F to bring out its perfumes and flavours. Versatility and freshness are its strengths

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